It started with an idea and a small handful of passionate
believers. It's grown a bit since then, but we still believe it's
the people we work with who bring our brands to life.

Ours is a place that values creativity. Where colored
tights and sparkly heels are standard attire.

We are interested and invested. Personal style is applauded
and cultural curiosity is encouraged.

We find inspiration everywhere- and from everyone.
Make a sketch, pick up the phone or send a note.
New ideas are essential.

We're passionate people. We're playful, too.
Don't take yourself so seriously that you forget
that what we do is fun.

We're a group of individuals working together as a team.
Succeed and there are plenty of people to cheer.

The bar is high. If it were low, we'd only trip over it.

We strive to be the best – to do things in a way that's
uniquely our own. Always optimistic, often irreverent and
wonderfully original.

This is the spirit of our brand. It's what makes us
who we are.